Üç Kız Kardeş Series Episode 12 English Subtitles


The Turks have made their decision and want to separate from Sumer.

With the help of grief, he gathers his equipment and supplies

returns to Sadegh’s house.


He is ashamed of Nasrin for pointing the finger at his neighbor and the locals and Nasrin being embarrassed about it.

Nasrin tells everyone that Sadegh should not say anything about the problem of the Turks and Sumer so that he does not feel bad.
Hekmat and Sadegh are sitting in the hall.

Sadegh is counting and booking and dividing his salary into expenses.

He gives wisdom to Hekmat for the loan installment.

Hekmat does not accept it and says about that.

He should buy clothes for the children for Eid-e-Sadegh and it is better for the money to stay with him for now.

Sadegh thanks.

Nasrin and Nazahat are opening the Turks’ device in the room.

Nasrin says that she does not allow the Turks and the Sumerians to separate because of the problem between her and the Rochans, and tries to persuade them to take a separate house.

Sumer aboard the cruise ship.

He calls Sadegh’s house to talk to the Turks.

The Turks do not want to talk to him and the sea falsely tells Sumer that the Turks are not home.

Ozer packs his suitcase and leaves the house.

Rochan is angry that the Turks have made even Ozer dare to confront him and decides to take revenge on the Turks anyway and not let him have a comfortable life.

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He calls the conqueror and asks the conqueror to go to his house.

Rochan suggests to the conqueror that he complain about the house in which Sadegh lives and their inheritance.

ask for inheritance so that Rochan can buy it.

He promises the winner twice as much money.

The conqueror accepts.

The girls go out with Massoud and Nasrin to buy Eid.

The girls do not buy because Nasrin has to pay the debt for Rochhan gold for the Turks, and only buy clothes for Massoud.

Mina sees the Turks in the market. The Turks inform him that he has separated from Sumer.

Mina is happy to hear this news.

Nasrin and Nazahat go to the gold shop and Nasrin sells her own gold and buys some of the gold on Rochahan’s gold list to give Rokhahan their grooming.

The next day is Eid, and Sadegh is surprised that Sumer did not come to their house for a spectacular Eid.

The Turks lie that Sumer has gone to work in Izmir and is busy.

Shortly afterwards, Erfan came to Sadegh for a spectacular feast and said that he had seen Sumer on a ship at the dock. Sadegh is surprised.

Rochan is angry that he is alone at home and no one has visited him for a spectacular Eid, and he breaks the furniture.
The next day, Rochan’s servant calls Sumer and tells him about Rochan’s troubles.

Sumer says he goes home today.
Sadegh goes to the dock and sees Sumer on the ship.

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He talks to Sumer and asks him not to hide if there is a problem between him and the Turks.

Sumer denies this, citing work problems, saying he came to the ship because of a dispute with his mother.

After Sadegh leaves, Sumer goes home to congratulate his mother on Eid and to pack up and leave.

Shortly afterwards, Nazahat goes to Rochan’s house and gives him the gold.

Rochan deliberately gives the gold to the servant in front of him to distribute among the other workers.

Nazahat suggests that Roochan come to her house at night to talk to Nasrin and make peace for the sake of the children.

Rochan agrees, but when he goes home at night, he argues with Nasrin and says that he will never allow Sumer to be with the Turks. Then he goes.

Nasrin gets nervous and upset.

Rochan calls Mina and asks her to go ahead.

He tells Mina that if his child is really from Sumer.

It will help him to be with Sumer again and he should be his future bride.

Sumer goes to Sadegh’s house at midnight and throws stones at the glass to drive the Turks out.

He wants to talk to the Turks, but the Turks are not content to talk.

Sumer hugs the Turks and forcibly questions the boat and takes her to the ship.

He tells the Turks that from now on his house is in the same ship.

Then he kisses the Turkan.

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