Üç kız kardeş Series Episode 14 English Subtitles


Rochan angrily goes to Sadegh’s house to Nasrin and Nazahat and treats them badly and insults them again. He shows them the newspaper and says that their daughter has tarnished their family.

Nasrin is shocked to see the newspaper.

Sumer goes to Farid’s house and fights with him. To make Sumer greedy, Farid says that he has been in contact with the Turks for a long time. Sumer severely beats Farid.

Mina calls the Turks and tells them about the news being published in the newspaper.

She asks the Turks not to tell anyone about Mina having given birth to her, because she is pregnant and Sumer comes to her and harasses her. The Turks, who are very worried and upset, accept.

Sumer goes to the Turks’ house and fights with Farida over her relationship with him. Turkan oppressedly says that he has nothing to do with Farid and that the published news is not true. Sumer does not believe the Turks and leaves.

Sadegh sees the news in the newspaper and is shocked.

Nasrin and Nazahat go to the Turks. Nasrin fights with the Turks. Turkan cries that he did not do anything, but Nasrin does not believe him. Discipline asks him to tell if he is hiding something. The Turks remember Mina’s words and do not say anything about Mina, saying that she was pregnant and saw what happened to Farid. Nasrin leaves angrily.

Sumer goes home and tells Rochan and Ozer that he wants to leave the country.

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He gets ready and goes to the airport.

Fateh and Vakil go to Rochan. Rochan says the winner must file an inheritance complaint.

He tells Fateh that he knows that he has agreed with the institution twice his money, and that is why Fateh must return the money that Rochan gave him.

At night, Ozer finds out that Sumer has been arrested while leaving the country, due to a complaint from Farid’s family, and that Farid is in a coma. The next day, Sumer is released on bail to determine Farid’s status.

The next day, the Turks call Mina and say that she is under pressure to hide the story.

Mina asks him not to say anything to anyone and not to call Lou right now. The institution hears Mina’s words and understands that Mina was involved in this case and fights with her.

Mina goes ahead and goes to Rochan and tells him that the institution had set a trap for the Turks to take revenge on Sumer.

Rochan is angry about this. He tells Ozer the story of the night.

Ozer sends his men to the institution and they force him and take him to Ozer.

Ozer beats him because the institution has set a trap for the Turks.

The institution greedily says that he did not do so, and reminds them that their grandson is supposed to be his child and Sumer can do nothing, because he is his married wife and the child’s name will be on the institution’s identity card. Ozer is shocked to hear this news.

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Donush won first place in the novel writing competition and was sent a commendation plaque.

Sadegh and Nasrin are happy and in the evening they all gather at home to celebrate Donush’s success.

The Turks look at them from a distance in the yard and regret it.

He goes home and writes a sad letter to Sumer.

The next morning, the Turks take the letter to Ozer’s house and give it to the servant to go to Sumer.
Then it goes fast.
Darya travels with Hakan to find out the truth about Farid and the Turks.

The owner of the bar, who is Farid’s cousin, gets angry when he sees them, and he and his men surround the sea and Hakan with sticks.

Fateh goes to Sadegh’s house with his lawyer to talk about the inheritance case and sell the house.

Sadegh, Nazahat and Nasrin are shocked and angry with this victorious work.

At the wedding house, the Turks pick up the first aid kit and go to the room.

Sumer reads the letter of the Turks in which he is upset with what happened and speaks to Sumer with his feelings.

The Turks go to the park after taking the medicine.

Sumer also goes there and takes the Turks by the hand and says that he believes in him and will never leave him again.

The Turks are happy and calm. Then he faints next to Sumer.

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