Üç Kuruş Series Part 23 English Subtitles


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Nothing has been underestaood yet from the teaser of the three-coin series, episode 23.

What we see is that Leila is hospitalized.

The cliché is there to finish the job. But the resistance and conflict of Efeh change the end in their favor.

Will Efeh be killed?

Klich hands the keys to his father’s house to Shahin. Bad news reaches everyone in the hospital. Chetan receives the news. Nariman’s death mourns everyone. From Kartal to Shahin and from Shahin to Chetin.

Grandmother invites everyone to be patient.

Joon blocks Shaheen’s eyes, all Baybars opponents now have an important reason to unite. Chetin baby shoes find their meaning.

Kartal tells Klitschko that no one can harm my family. There is a quarrel.

Episode 23 is the twenty-third episode of season one of Üç Kuruş. The episode premieres Monday, April 18th, 2022 on Show TV.

This evening, in the 23rd episode of Üç Kuruş, where exciting developments will take place, Neriman has died; The whole family gives revival. With the loss of Neriman, the elder Ken experiences a heavy shock with Efe. Baybars

He assigns the sword that killed Neriman the task of bringing back Çetin, who is the only memory of the woman he loves. While looking for Çetin, Kılıç encounters Efe and a duel to the death occurs between the two

starts. While Kartal is trying to protect his family in this process, Kılıç (Kilich) will take a step that Kartal did not count on.

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