What is Pinterest & How to Use ?


This social network is based on images and photos that give you the ability to plan and discover new people and businesses.

In this social network, people use the site and its application to get ideas for their next work, from recipes for different foods to places to travel, products they need to buy, and saving images of everything they like to make and have. they do.

Also in this network, like all other social networks, people can follow other users and use the images they have “pinned” on their personal page.


Pinterest, which launched in the first half of 2010, suddenly started growing very fast in the second half of 2011 and is now widely used as a social network.

At the beginning of 2015, there were 72.8 million Pinterest users, 85% of whom were women, meaning that Pinterest had a more feminine environment than any other social network.

These days, many businesses and business owners are thinking of using social media and online space to grow their business, many of them have set up pages and groups for their brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and thus collect Target audiences use to promote and sell their product or knowledge.

Pinterest, however, is one of those social networks that has been abandoned and people are skeptical about using it.

However, unlike other social networks, Pinterest is built for business in practice, especially product-based work, in which the correct presentation of products plays an important role in attracting the audience and the customer.

Pinterest is probably the only major social network that users expect to see images of different products, with their price tags and a brief description of the product, and many of these users are also ready to buy the product.

For this reason alone, this social network is unique to business.

Note the following points when using Pinterest:

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Products with a price tag are 36% more likely to be priced than products without a price. 69% of users have seen a product they bought or intended to buy at least once on Pinterest. More than 80% of users are women who are interested in it. Shows. To buy. On average, each Pinterest user stays on this site for about 1 hour and rotates on different pages.

How to start?
The first step is to create an account for your brand on Pinterest. Be sure to note that this account is not personal, but belongs to your business and should have a completely professional and justified appearance.

Use aids.
A large number of network users are very interested in the auxiliary tools that programmers design for the development of these networks. These tools will help you make your job easier. Pinterest is not unlucky enough to have these tools, with the help of which you can estimate how much your business has attracted users.

Here are some examples of these tools:
The Piqora tool helps you to have more accurate statistics of visitors and how they work and to place pins (images) on the screen in a programmed way.
Use Pinstamatic to have a more engaging and exciting page.
Get help from Pinpuff to gauge your impact, and Repinly keeps you updated on the most popular images and pages.
If you are looking to start your own Pinterest store and sell your products there, take a look at Shopinterest, then you will own an online store in minutes.

Visit the traffic analysis section of your page regularly to find out how your page is improving or decreasing. Through this you can find out what most users are looking for on your page and you can pursue your goal more professionally. This way you can also get a glimpse of the images that have the most visitors on Pinterest and find out what is the most talked about topic on this social network.

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Make your website more visual to have more ability to pin on Pinterest.

If people who visit your website on a daily basis pin their images on Pinterest and on their pages, this will have a significant positive impact on the growth of your business.

To do this, we recommend that you use more content-related images on your website or blog. This way, your website will be accessed by Pinterest by other web users.

Use these sites to find good quality images:

Do you know the Flicker site? You can find good photos on this site, be sure to check the copyright of the photos.

The Photopin website provides you with a unique collection of source photos.

Aside from the two sites above that provide the photos for free, the sites: Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStockphoto offer you high quality photos for a fee.

Get to know your audience

Like other social networks, if you want to increase the audience affiliation with your page, you need to do proper and targeted research to identify your audience.

Is to know what post most engages users and keeps them on your page. With this information you will be able to put targeted topics on the page to make posts more visible and shared.

Pinterest is a great social network for participating in a contest. Better video content will make you a winner in this field. If you have an online store that you want to be seen more than others, you should know that you have tough competition ahead, but you can win if you stick to your goal and get on the right track.

Connect with other users.
If you want to get more followers and get more traffic to your page, you need to spend more time interacting with people. Know that a one-way relationship will never be responsible.

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Go to other people’s pages, like, comment and share pictures from other pages, this will help you a lot.

Do not forget to use the hashtag.
On Pinterest, like other social networks, you can use the hashtag (#), and by doing so, you’re trying to get your content linked to other people’s content and increase your audience.

Social networks like Pinterest bring you a world of visual information and ideas. After this, it is your turn to want and be able to win this competition and grow your business.

In 2015, the Pew Research Center conducted a global study to prioritize the popularity of social media.

At the end of this survey, the most popular social networks in the world were selected from the people’s point of view as follows:

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. twitter
4. LinkedIn
5. Pinterest

Of course, the popularity of social networks has never been an important and influential factor, and shared content can be distinguished from this issue.

Of the 2.6 billion shares shared in the BazxSumo Center survey, about 79 million were allocated to LinkedIn, making it the fourth most popular social networking platform.

Pinterest came in fifth with 59 million posts, followed by Google Plus with 115 million shares.

Twitter had 231 million posts.

250 million posts were dedicated to Instagram and the rest were related to Facebook.

In total, it was said that about 81% of all information is shared on Facebook and people like this platform very much.

Facebook had more users than other social networks and, of course, established a broader connection with the content sharing process.

In contrast, for LinkedIn and Pinterest, it was said that users had the least desire to share content.

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