What is the Change in the Continuation of the Nationwide Strikes in Iran?

Show: Cheshmandaz on Iran International
Host: Sima Sabet
Participants: Jamshid Barzegar, Farangis Bayat, Jamshid Asadi

Strikes, rallies & protests in dozens of cities in Iran.

What message does the spread of nationwide protests and strikes in Iran have for the Islamic Republic?

What can happen if these protests continue and spread?

Farangis Bayat, a political analyst, goes on to say that the problem is that she usually thinks that wage earners were protesting and that people were running small businesses, but that has changed over the years, especially last year.

Outlook guests: Farangis Bayat, political scientist from Heidelberg, Jamshid Asadi, economist from Paris, and Jamshid Barzegar, journalist from London.

Rally strikes and protests in several cities in Iran are the subject of this program.

In this part of the perspective, Jamshid Barzegar says that there is a possibility of victory because national interests are not at stake and priorities are different. In the meantime, they are mocking the nuclear program and the Middle East.

Jamshid Asadi looks at it from an economic point of view and says that the protests have changed in terms of supply and demand.

He added that protesters have reached from suppliers to suppliers. Bankruptcy of the economy is what he is talking about.

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