What should we know before watching the Hundred Year Miracle (Yüz Yıllık Mucize) series?

Ali Taher was martyred in the war when he went to Sakaria. But a miracle happens when they try to bury him. His life will return. Now there is one difference from before: he will not age anymore.

In a 130-year-old life, he experiences things that make it more difficult to continue his life

One person knows his secret: Turgot, his childhood friend.

Harika is a prominent lawyer who is writing her novel. He was raised by his aunt Soraya, and 8 women live in their house: aunts, sisters, cousins, etc.

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Harika leaves the house to write her novel. Perfection stands in his way. Harika is looking to find a good story to write and asks Kamal to narrate her story to her. The lives of both of them undergo changes after meeting each other.

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