Who is burcu özberk?

Introducing an actor who is working non-stop and succeeding without controversy: Bourjo Ozberk.
Borjo was born on December 12, 1989 in Eskişehir, Türkiye. He is a Turkish actor and model. He has widely introduced himself with the character of Ayesha.
The one who was able to connect his beauty and elegance by winning the hearts of his audience and aroused their admiration in the Eshgh Temmalati series.

Well, now let’s dive into the sea of information about Borjo.

1- Family:
He has a violinist sister. His father is a government employee and his mother worked in the private sector. Her sister is a violinist and she receives a lot of support in the arts from her deceased niece and nephew through a half-brother. She says I am taking care of my nephew and working for his future. He says, I know how difficult it is to provide for a person’s future. Borjo said this in an interview.
Fans who thought Borgo Ozberk had natural beauty need only look at her early career to be surprised.
He says the scratch on his face dates back to when he was 8 years old: My sister and I were playing at home when this scratch landed on my face in the parking lot of our house.
He learned to play the violin in the second grade but did not continue it later.

2- Educational background
He started his career in the theater.

He studied at the music conservatory but started his artistic career in the theater. He says that when I was busy with music, I wanted to go into acting, but my mother convinced me to finish music. This became an opportunity to go to the theater faculty at the same time because they were both in the same place. He studied and graduated from Hajitepe University in Ankara. This is how he started his career on the stage of the theater and played a role in plays such as Pens.

3- Becoming a star on TV
He stepped on TV with Hareem Sultan.

She was seen for the first time with Hareem Sultan in 2013 as Aras Bulat’s partner as Huri Jahan Sultan, the daughter of Ibrahim Pasha and Khadija Sultan. After that, he became famous with the role of Nazli Yilmaz in Aftab Girls. In 2015 to 2016, he was the co-star of Tolga Saritas, Hande Erchel and Burke Athambol (??) and became so close to Hande Erchel that they were referred to as twins.
He also has a close relationship with influencer Hande’s sister, Ghamze Erchel, and has helped her a lot in her wedding work.
In 2016, she played the role of the queen opposite Ali Arslan Doalo in Shahane Damat or the Bridegroom of Shahan. His next role was Borjo Olegan in Aslan Aylin opposite Akin Akinozo.
In 2017 to 2018, he started playing the role of Darin’s Karatai in 2018 in the role of Turkan Khatun.
He also acted in the TV movie Badam Shekeri.

بیشتر ببینید:

But what do we know about Bourjo’s world fame?

He won the Golden Butterfly Award on TV for Love of Luxury which is a romantic comedy. This happened in 2020. He gained attention with his role opposite Chaalar Artagol and sat on the throne of his fans and in their hearts.
He acted in a series called “Childhood” in 2020 and after that he accepted a role in “Eshq, Logic, Revenge” and acted opposite Ilhan. This series is a remake of a series from South Korea called The Cunning Single Woman.

But what do we know about Borgo’s romantic relationships?

He used to go on a date with Alpern Duymaz. Alpern was friends with him in 2017 and made news. But in 2018, he has been friends with Murat Kazanjioualo for some time. After these events, he announced that they are just his friends and if someone enters his life, he will introduce him.

He says he likes someone who has his feet on the ground and puts all his energy into what he does, whatever it is. I’m not looking for someone who is beautiful, I’m looking for someone who makes my attitude more beautiful.

Interests and hobbies

He has 4 cats and is fond of animals. Alf is his most popular cat. He loves horse riding. If you are one of his followers on Instagram, you will know how much he enjoys surfing. He loves wearing black clothes and wears any kind of black clothes. He loves discovery and is a complete Louis Vuitton fan. Chanel, MAC, Clinique, and Body Shop are some of her favorite makeup brands. She supports a children’s charity that serves young girls and boys, and recently helped with a campaign supporting young girls.
Among Indian films, he likes Amir Khan’s films and thinks that the distribution of energy in these works is indescribable and this has made him very successful in Bollywood.

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