Who is Eyüp in the Judgment (Yargi) series?

“Who is Eyüp in the Judgment (Yargi) series?

Who plays Judgment Eyüp?

In which TV series did Alper Çankaya act?

The character of Eyüp follows everyone in the Judgment series and has attracted attention among viewers.

Alper Çankaya plays the character of Eyüp in the cast of the Judgment series.

Alper Çankaya is a theater, cinema and TV series actor who was included in the Judgment series.

He was born in 1990 and his hometown is known as Tekirdağ.

He completed his high school education in Ankara and left Gazi University Department of Economics, which he started in 2009, to start the Theater Department at Bilkent University.

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During his student years, he took part in many plays staged at the Bilkent Theatre.

He has worked with many local and foreign directors such as Aleksey Burago, Daniel Irizarry,

Erdal Küçükkömürcü, Jason Hale, Işıl Kasapoğlu, Zeynep Ekin Öner.

He attended John Uecker’s Method Acting and Susan Main’s Linklater Voice Seminars.

Who is Göksu in the Judgment series? How old is Commissioner Göksu? In which TV series did Duygu Serin act?

I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any information about Göksu or Duygu Serin on this page.

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