Who is Hamed Esmaeilion?

Hamed Esmailiyoun can be seen as a symbolic representative of the cultural middle class that emerged from the reforms: in the afternoons, he lives in Karimkhan until the artists’ house, doing “going” work.

By accident and overnight, his name was honored in an unfortunate event, aside from that But his lexical concepts of democracy and tolerance are similar to those of Mirhossein and Khatami or, for example, the young Abolfazl Qadiani.

His view of analysis and advertising in Shab Chele Chalcheragh, Western branch. A kind of Mohammadreza Jalaipour without his father’s history, without the need to explain about his history in such and such a decade, or to follow the unfamiliar life of his relatives.

The colorful sign of the representation of Nazi residents living in “Sultant Abad”. We shouldn’t be surprised that he prefers drinking with Ardeshir Amirarjamand and Mahdia Golro or the followers of Ezatollah Sahabhi. His place is right.

They have sewn clothes for him so that he does not complain. It is not too late to read to him: O ruler of the right kingdom above you Hoping to forgive your poor soul

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