Who is Negar Farahmand, Pejman Jamshidi’s Wife

Who is Negar Farahmand , Pejman Jamshidi's Wife?


Last night, Sam Derakhshani revealed Pejman Jamshidi’s marriage by attending a family program.

Pejman Jamshidi had recently said in an interview: “My living conditions have improved like this. Marriage is something that has not happened to me yet, naturally the people we meet and date are acceptable to us in terms of personality and behavior.

But it is not clear where the hook of our heart gets stuck. Another issue that is very important.

You need to have something to say to your spouse and you need to think about the days and nights you are going to live under the same roof with your spouse.

Of course, I would love to marry a girl whose life is exciting and busy.

“His life should be such that he has a lot to say.”

Pejman Jamshidi, the new superstar of Iranian cinema, who did not get his due during his football career, is going through more and more success steps in the field of art and cinema and shows his talent in playing different roles. These days, he has become more and more popular in the media as well as filmmakers, to the point that in addition to his humorous work, he also plays the main role in the films of famous cinema directors and has a strong impact on the high sales of films.

Pejman Jamshidi is a former actor and football player of our country, born on September 11, 1977 in Tehran and a retired student of civil engineering. He was born in a small family in Tehran and is the second child in the family.

He has an older brother and a younger sister named Mamak. His father was the secretary of geology and biology and his mother was the first primary school teacher.

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Pejman Jamshidi had a relatively athletic family and his father was the head of the Karaj Wrestling Board for many years before the revolution, and after the revolution he became the head of the Karaj Mountaineering Board and is one of the best mountaineers in the history of Iran.

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Pejman Jamshidi’s mother also played volleyball. His brother was accepted to Sharif University in 1970 and his sister is also a teacher.

The story of the crash of Pejman Jamshidi’s plane begins when he published a story about himself boarding a plane. The minute it crashed and the pilot ran towards the crashed plane, saying either Abolfazl.

According to Pejman Jamshidi, the film was just a joke he made up with his pilot. Of course, this joke also leads to the pilot being banned from flying.

Pejman Jamshidi has loved football since he was a child and has been pursuing other sports in addition to football. He also has a diploma in mountaineering. The former player of the national team became a member of the Tehran Daraei youth team after going to football school, and in 1992, when he was fifteen years old, he joined the Tehran Keshavarz Club and scored seven goals in 67 games. شد.

Pejman Jamshidi played for Keshavarz and Saipa clubs in Tehran for six years and joined the youth national team and Omid Iran national team from Saipa Tehran club.

He was not given the final year of university and he has to study for another two semesters.

Pejman Jamshidi, who had taken 110 courses, is leaving the university because of football. He said: “One day I went to Ms. Faezeh Hashemi-Rafsanjani and she gave me a letter to study for another semester and get my degree, but I got involved in the discussion of love and romance and did not follow up.”

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Pejman Jamshidi joined Persepolis Tehran in 2000 under the coaching of Mr. Ali Parvin, and his position in this team was right defense. He played nearly 100 games for this team and in the 81-80 season, he experienced the first title of Persepolis in the Premier League. In 2005, due to military service, he joined the Tehran Pass team for two seasons and reached the runner-up position in the Premier League in the 84-85 season with a pass. Then he joined Steel Azin Tehran for one season and went to Khuzestan Steel at the suggestion of Majid Jalali.

In the nineties, after two decades in the Green Rectangle, Pejman Jamshidi left it forever and went to the cinema screen and the magic box to be a new star in a different space.
Pejman Jamshidi met Ms. Bahareh Rahnama in a ceremony in 2002 and Ms. Rahnama invited him to their house because of Pejman’s love for his ex-wife Peyman Ghasemkhani.

After meeting Peyman Ghasemkhani, he became friends with her and they went to football together. Pejman Jamshidi describes his life and the way people treat him during his time as a footballer and the time to say goodbye to football to Qasemkhani, and Qasemkhani writes the script for the series “Pejman” from these conversations.

Pejman Jamshidi played his role in this series during his football career and Sam Derakhshani played the role of program director with him.

Of course, before Pejman series, Soroush Sehat had also acted as a guest actor in a series in “Doctors’ Building” series, but after playing a role in Pejman series, he became more and more famous.

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Pejman Jamshidi appeared in cinemas in 2014 with the film Atashboos, and later in various works such as “Fifty Kilos of Cherries”, “Good Bad Julf”, “Azar”, “I’m Not Crazy”, “Bee Nest”, “Texas” and… He played a role and with his eighth experience in 2017 in “Misunderstanding”, he was nominated for the supporting role of Simorgh Fajr, which provoked strange and, of course, ridiculous reactions in

Followed. But with hard work, Pejman Jamshidi became one of the best-selling actors of the year in 2009 by appearing in five movies, which in total, his films sold more than sixty-two billion at the box office.

Now Sam Derakhshani has announced in Khandowaneh that Pejman Jamshidi will get married soon: “Pejman Jamshidi will get married soon and enter into a life together.”

This news was announced by Sam Derakhshani in Khondavaneh on Wednesday, May 11, 1401, and he said: “Pejman is going to get married soon” and added: “I wish Pejman was married, I would like my children and Pejman to grow up together, all together To do. ” Also in the part of this program that was announced for the first time, the news of Pejman Jamshidi’s marriage was announced, he said: “I would love to see Pejman Jamshidi’s married life soon. . ”

The wife of the former Persepolis and national team player is not from the world of art, sports and football. But he seems to be one of the activists in the field of Instagram and his page has over two hundred thousand followers, and of course he is also an economic and advertising activist.

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