Who is Parviz Sabeti ?

[Persian Version]

Parviz Sabeti is from Sangsar.

He was born in 1315 and his name is associated with the controversial section of SAVAK.

Parviz Sabeti
Parviz Sabeti

Parviz Sabeti, the head of the third department of SAVAK, was its most important pillar for many years from 1952 to 1957.


He attended high school in Tehran, and university at the University of Tehran, where he received a law degree.

In 37, there was a person named Zarabi who was the ninth director general of SAVAK.

He was introduced to the security organization as a political analyst and he was hired.

Parviz Sabeti went to London via Mehrabad International Airport on November 30, 1957, three months before the Islamic Revolution, under the pseudonym of Alikhani.


He described his authority and reputation as a person who appeared on national television as a security official and praised SAVAK.

He also wrote secret and top-secret bulletins, read directly by the Prime Minister and the head of the SAVAK, and also wrote analyzes for the Shah’s special office.

Parviz Sabeti

Sabeti was one of the people who prepared a report for the Shah.

After US President John F. Kennedy advised free elections in Iran, he declared that the Shah was attractive to the people and that the Iranian people were not ready for democracy.


It is said that the Shah became angry when he saw this report and said that the person who wrote this report had a defective brain.


Parviz Sabeti is among the opponents of cooperation with. It was a human rights institution.

Parviz Sabeti
Parviz Sabeti

He has been a sponsor of the George W. Bush campaign and the Republican National Committee in the United States.

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