Who is Pasha Jamali, Jeiran Serial Actor ?


Pasha Jamali, born on June 20, 1991 in Rasht, is an Iranian actor.

Pasha Jamali received a bachelor’s degree in dramatic literature from the University of Tehran in 2014.

In 1391, at the age of 20, he went in front of the camera with the short film Surprise directed by Masoud Hatami, which was nominated for an award at the Toronto Short Film Festival and also in San Francisco in 2012.

Playing the role of Asghari in the series Shahrzad made him famous.

Jamali has a history of assisting in the Red Hat puppet program and sometimes writes the text.

She was praised along with Mehdi Soltani, and Nahal Dashti for her role in the series Shahrzad.

He has a humorous appearance and plays the role of Mahyar Khastagar Rojan in the series Noon Kh along with Saeed Agakhani. In this Nowruz series, he plays the role of rural youth who is a little sweet-spoken.

Pasha Jamali in 1394, Shahrzad 1 series has played an important role that he was able to present that role and also himself among the TV audience with his skill.

He has collaborated with Hassan Fathi in this series.

Pasha Jamali was able to gain a successful acting experience by playing in the series Shahrzad 1, and working with actors such as Ali Nasirian, Taraneh Alidosti, Seyed Shahab Hosseini and Mostafa Zamani added to his experiences.

Pasha Jamali plays the role of one of the eunuchs of Nasser al-Din Shah‘s court in the series Jeyran.

Pasha Jamali is not married yet but he has said that one of his dreams is to have many children.

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