Yaghi Serial Part 2


At the beginning of the film, we see a team in municipal uniforms cutting iron tools in the city at night and putting them inside the truck. He states that he is stealing pipes and hardware in the city.

this is due to financial problems, and it is lawful.

The police chased them and after chasing them down the road, they threw some iron from the east and caused a police accident.

In the following, we see that Khavar goes to a place and delivers the cargo, where the iron smelters are being melted.t

The scene of the film goes to one of the lower neighborhoods of the city, the other job is to do competitions and bet on Javid.

Javid goes to a lawyer and asks for a birth certificate.

He then goes to the Institute for the Protection of Working Children and receives a letter requesting a birth certificate.

The film goes to the wedding scene, Javid is dancing, the wedding is Javad’s ex-girlfriend, he is drunk, dancing, lighting a lighter and setting his coat on fire.

Javid buys a snowball for Ebra and the girl gives him a necklace with her photo and hair, they sit on the bridge and mix romantically.

Ebra says that his mother questioned the boys in the neighborhood because Javad was burnt.

Javid says that Ebra’s father works in Germany and his uncle was an addict who committed suicide.

The young people in the neighborhood are different.

Javid’s half-sister plays in a street band. He and Javid live together in a low-rise building, and Javid talks about his intention to get a rebel tattoo.

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Essie wants Javid to lose the wrestling match in order to match the lawyer’s installment money by betting on his loss.

Parsa Piruzfar, in the role of Bahman, goes to the wrestling competition with a long chassis car, as if he is looking for talent. Javed hears that talent can not work without a birth certificate.

Javed enters the stage of a land ship with a rebellious tattoo on his shoulder.

he looks at the avalanche, he wants to prove himself, he gets a few points, he sees Assie he wants money, he has to choose progress or money, he chooses money, he loses.

He is upset after the match and tells Assi that he will not do it again after getting his ID card.

The next day, the lawyer tells Javid that his aunt is not willing to have a DNA test.

They did, because their letter was burned in a fire.

It turns out that this was a plan to get Mehdi to the national team, and in this way he also earns money.

Javid goes to the praiser, the bicycle seller, the ice cream parlor, the local fruit seller to ask them to come to court to testify, and they accept.

The day of judgment comes, only Asi, the baker and the praiser come.

Assi tries to dissuade the two by intimidating his father’s family and swearing by the Qur’an. It makes these efforts to preserve Javid as a workforce.

The two give up and Essie stays with Javid in the supporting role. He told the court that Javid’s father was addicted and did not think about getting a birth certificate for him.

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Javid’s sister, Atefeh, also says that after the death of her father, her mother became the concubine of Javid’s father, and after the fire and the destruction of documents, they did not succeed in obtaining a birth certificate for him.

The judge says that because one of the martyrs was a woman, they should ask Javid’s aunt to be satisfied with the DNA, and she did not agree to the lawyer’s request for Javid’s father to be exhumed.

Javid and his sister go to the mosque to see Javid’s aunt. At the exhumation, Mahmoud Ganji’s sister, Javid’s father, agrees to perform the experiment.

After the lab and the experiment, Javid goes to the game city with his girlfriend.

Ebra tells her mother that Javid’s ID card is finished and after getting her ID card, she wants to work in a mobile phone shop.

His mother says that his father has become a refugee so that in order for them to have a better life, they must go to Germany and marry a German. His younger brother tells him that the visa is ready and Ebra tells his mother that he will not go to Germany under any circumstances.

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