Yaghi Serial Part 3


At the hospital, Javid looks at the shocking scene from afar, Ebra is breathing, her mother is crying, the Narges brothers are coming, one of them gets nervous and asks why Ebra has taken a pill and it is better to die.

He tells Narges that he has no child supply. Hospital officials are asking them to remain silent.

Javid is sitting in the hospital lobby holding a gift from Ebra, which Ebra’s friend asks him to leave so that he does not get into trouble.

Javid stays, Narges sees him, hits him on the head with a bag and says that everything is his fault.

Javed says he did not do anything, according to him, he went for his ID card.

Narges says she is not miserable enough to give her her daughter, but she knew that if she told Ebra, she would be harmed.

Javid says that he did not do anything to upset his mother’s soul, Narges says that he does not understand the meaning of mother, he has to bark like a dog so that someone throws food in front of him, finally he gets a baby like himself, they go to Germany in five days and if Javid wants something Kand asks his brothers to tear him to pieces.

Javed just sheds tears.

Javed walks down the street, cleaning his eyebrow scar at his sister’s house, which is Narges’ work. Javid says that he was fine and did not hear what Narges had said. His sister says let them say, we know what we are doing.

Be zealous and do not let the words of others affect you. Give him the right, he saw his daughter at that time and did not understand what she was saying.

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Javed says that he wished he was in the dust and now he was beating someone, he says that the well is a bet for others that war is for him. He fights to say yes. He can not do without the cloud, the cloud believes in him and is his god.

Javid thinks on the street until morning. The next morning he goes to the hospital with his friends. Javid’s friends start a fight with Ebra’s uncles, and Javid, who has already coordinated with Ebra’s friend, takes him out of the hospital.

Ebra is scared and not happy, Javid cries and goes on a motorbike that has run out on the street.

Ati says that Ebra’s uncles are coming to them, and even now they consider Ebra’s suicide an eternal fault.
Javed says he wants Ebra and accepts his evil, if there is no Ebra, he will become a criminal.

Ati says he no longer mentions Javid. Ebra says they only disappear for five days before her mother is forced to cancel tickets because she can not go without him.

The reader of the verse, who seems to be interested in Ati, says that they should not leave them alone, because he gets more angry and asks Ati to leave him.
At Ebra’s house, Narges is crying and Ebra’s little uncle tries to unlock her phone, which Ebra’s brother says can only be unlocked with Ebra’s fingerprints.

Narges says that it is useless to open the phone because she took the phone from her before taking the pill, Ebra’s aunts are nervous that she has caused disgrace and run away with a boy, they are Narges who told them about Ebra’s suicide from the beginning. They do not know the culprit. They say that Reza entrusted his wife and children to them. How can they answer him now?

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Uncle Abra says that if they knew a boy’s foot was involved, they would both send them to the morgue. Narges says that they threaten everyone with a stick and he could not tell them the truth. Let the police know, but they say that if the police go to that neighborhood, everyone will be disgraced. They want the address of Javid’s friends to find Ebra in two or three days and send them to Germany.

Javid, Ebra, Ati and Hamed (singer) go north, and after having dinner at the home of a northern family who’s supposed to be Hamed’s parents, Ebra gets sick. Aati is nervous and says that he knows that they love each other, he also loves their partner, but the solution is not suicide and escape. Ebra says that his mother put them to work, Ati says that they should be thankful that Javid went to look for his ID card. Ebra says he can not go to Germany and wait for a miracle until one day Javid will go there. She is forcibly married.

Javid gets nervous and says that he has thought of all these things, if Ati does not like to be with them, they should return to Tehran. Hamed says that from one pillar to another there is a vulva and he asks his mother and father to play a local song with daf and reed.

The next day, Ebra and Javid spend time by the lake, paddling in a boat and sitting by the fire at night.

The next day, Assy calls Javid and encourages him to defend his love. Javid asks where he found out and Asi complains why he did not tell her.
Javed says it happened suddenly. Asi says that if Ati is with him, he will deposit two or three million to his account. If he wants, he can give him the key to Jalal Villa so that he does not stay in Tehran. Javid says that it is not Tehran and the village of Hamkar Ati.
Asi asks the same Mazandaran boy who wanted to sell his car? And Javid confirms.

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The scene of the film goes to Tehran. Ebra’s uncles are presbytery. Asi says it was solved so easily, there is no problem that can not be solved with money. Uncle Ebra wants the address. Asi says he has to give shit. And demands ten million. Little Uncle says they are misunderstood and abusive. Asi also says that he is not a salesman, they should go and get an agent and go after the rebel.

Ahmed, Ebra’s great uncle, says they have no chance and will pay. He takes eleven million from her.

We go to Mazandaran, Ebra and Javid are with the animals, and Hamed brings tea for Ati and says that his family loves guests. Ati says that if he wants, now that they are there, Hamed’s money is in Ati’s account.

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