Yaghi Serial Part 4


Khuzestan and Abadan and Khorramshahr are warm blood of our beloved land.

The third part of “Outlaw”, with all its weaknesses and power, is dedicated to the people of Abadan to commemorate the death of the Metropolis accident.

The film begins with Javid’s friends in a dance and dance in an area, and the barbecue is sitting in a corner and staring at the Abra gift with his photo and hair inside.

Half bottle (short actress) is dancing and making a movie for Instagram and says in southern Antalya, someone has come out of the water and tells Javid that you have been mourning for a month, just a chicken from the cage and now on the shoulder.

A German eats. Javid gets nervous and attacks him, while he puts his head underwater, saying that if he hears it again, he will kill him. They are separated and told Javid they are trying to improve the condition, Javid says with discomfort that he will not be good, if they are comrades, who have destroyed his life, they say their day.

And Javid says then they do not claim because he has never left and goes to comradeship. Khalil followed him and says that he is not a man who can wrapped his feet, Javid says he goes and throws his heart and intestine into his place.

Khalil says he has a lot of people, they bury you there.

Javid goes to Asca’s iron sales, and Khalil, who followed him to the point, returns to him from the people and goes to him. Esi is talking to the phone, wants to get auction and he is weaving. He tells Javid that I buy here and become the sultan of the area’s waste, Javid says it comes to you.

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Javid says, until his left hand was, what a flower he has made and Asca complains about his profanity, saying that every table was wide for all children, then he asked Javid not to jump him because he will tear him.

He says he rescued Javid because he was supposed to go to jail, steal his honor, he did not eat and give him three tomans of ten tomans, Javid says you are a man, now with the intentions of aunt’s friend or money.

Asca says that the man in the place will give him a poor man, let him go to his brother, Javid’s hand is on the knife’s handle but he can’t knit him. Assey is far away and Javid whistled and shouts on his head.

The film goes to Billiards and Gold (Tanaz Tabatabai) and Milad are playing billiards, a person named Ehsan tells Milad that playing with Gold Miss is one of the honors, and Milad says his win is in memories.

Gold wants to focus on the game and reduce music. It is as if the table is closed on the table. Gold has presented a good game and Ehsan says al -Haq is a dear daughter.

Gold noticed the cheat of Milad, hit his ear and disrupts the game. Ehsan complains and says that the side of Adam is an account and that he is respected for the sake of gold. Gold is nervous and says Ehsan’s hand is in a bowl, and he is a pity that he plays on Ehsan’s desk and Ehsan is all of his father.

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Milad says that retaliation does his job and gold wants not to threaten him because he does something to make his skin alive and go. Gold talked to someone and apologized for not responding to his phone, saying they were in the hairdresser and were working on his skin.

Javid and Khalil are passing the motorcycle as they see the banner of congratulating Hamid Gergin’s entry into the national youth wrestling team. Javid asks is real? And he says the municipality for installation and Khalil says where he was cooking in Camp Ali, he is raising the debate and Javid wants to be calm and go.

On the way to Javid, he may be real and Khalil says it is possible, but it is probably Camp Ali’s advertising, they have lied to lie. Javid researched the Internet and says the matches are true, and all the time has harmed him. They go to Ali’s addiction camp and say they want to see Ali.

Ali had a meeting and put the two people fleeing with blood, hands and feet, and telling the rest of the patients to escape. There are not like other camps, compote therapy, and so on. He says he was addicted five years ago, leaving him to the camp, leaving and compensating.

He even coach for his brother and sends him to the national team.

He says they either stay or have to stay and only say one word, the eye.

The meeting is over and she talks to the phone, and she seems to keep the patients more than usual to make more money. Javid congratulated Ali on Hamid and wants to address him so that he goes for the test, but Ali says they have no news and isolated.

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The championship path is difficult. Khalil is paid to Ali and raises the debate and puts them out.

Javid thinks at home, who says that emotion says to go to any country and say that only the roof of their toilet has antenna antenna, they get a permanent residence.

Then he says that the film he downloaded is about John Lennon, who had no parents and grew up by his aunt but was myth in his work.

Javid says he wants to go to Germany to Abra, Ate, says they have spoken before if the smuggling goes and even arrives at the destination he will hear the same thing again.
Javid says this

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