Yaghi Serial Part 6


At the bus stop, Javid’s friends convulse, distract the Nazi (Ebra’s friend) and seize his phone, then change the password of the phone and hand it over to Javid at the dormitory. Reza likes Nazi and wants to hand over the phone to Javid after he finishes his work, which Javid says will be sent to him by taxi. Javid thanks him and Khalil advises him to be careful.

Javid regularly makes a video call to Ebra in the street, whose profile picture is a necklace he gave to Javid. Ebra finally answers, he is on the street and says that because his father was at home he could not answer, Javid shows himself on camera and asks why he did not allow the Nazis to give him his number?

Ebra cries and says that their talking is useless anymore, he wanted Javid to forget him, Javid cries and says that his breath is tied to him, unless man can forget his breathing. Ebra talks about the hardships of the past three months and that his father threatened to kill Javid if his uncle had anything to do with him. His bloody face is by the lake and he must burn and build.

Javed says that a person is not a burner and a builder and does something to go to him and his family with pride.

We see Javid’s hard training, Bahman says to the children: “Practice so much that you raise blood, you are so tired and exhausted that you can not sleep at night. Think about national and world competitions, do not think you lost the provinces. “Forgive the pain. You are greater than the pain. I see in each of you my past. If it did not happen to me, it must happen to you. Show that you are too big to imagine, only if you have a big goal.”

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During training, Javid often sits down from exhaustion, but the coach shouts at him and lifts him up.

Ati is waiting for Javid in the lobby of the dormitory, Javid arrives, he tells Javid that gold should be said, Javid is stressed that he has done something and Ati says that the voice of gold is not complaining, gold and Rahman arrive, hand over the food supplement to Akbari and ask about the situation. Tala sits next to Javid and Ati and says that if Javid wins a position in the provincial competitions, they will give him and Ati a furnished house temporarily so that they can live together and Javid will not worry about Ati alone. Javid and Ati thank him and Javid says that he will win a hundred medals. He brings gold, he wants no one to know about it, Javid says he is kind to everyone, but he will not tell anyone, Rahman shakes his head in displeasure and wants gold to leave sooner.

They go and Ati wants Javid to appreciate this opportunity, Javid explains that Bahman and Tala also paid for Mohsen’s father’s back surgery.
At night in Javid dormitory, he sat on a bed and wore an Ebra gift necklace around his neck.
In the press, Hamed asks a man what happened to his marriage to Ms. Rahmani, and he says that he paid the dowry after the marriage and took 200 million from her. Aati is at the door and tells Hamed that they did not have to go there, he needed to know everything he needed to say. use. Ati says that if Hamed grew up by the lake, on a postcard, he grew up among wolves, Hamed says he took him to see his family and their simple life, he understands love. Ati says that he had a hard time in life and did not think that falling in love with him would be a problem, and asked Hamed to sort out his ex-wife’s money and pay to get rid of her.
In the provincial competition, Javid is overweight four hundred grams and the referee says he can not compete, the coach and Rahman want to pass, and Bahman asks for time and says he will reduce it.
Javed is dressed, works hard, is exhausted, and Bahman lifts him up and says that no power in the world can be ahead of someone who has a goal. Javid exercises, then goes on the scales and the referee says he has extra fifty grams, Javid puts on his underwear, then puts on the brace again and his weight normalizes, the referee complains about his movement but accepts.

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At night, Ebra and Javid talk on the phone, and Ebra is happy that he is on the right track, and says that next time, before calling, he should send her a photo of the provincial gold medal, then ask her to rest for tomorrow.

The next day Javid goes to the square, his friends cheer him on. First the opponent gets points, then Javid technically hits the opponent and wins the wrestling. In the next match, the wrestler of Bahmaneh Club wins, then Javid goes to the field again and wins again. In the next wrestling match, Bahmaneh Club wrestler loses. The ships are done one after the other and again it is Javid’s turn to win. His next opponent has become a provincial champion twice, Bahman says it was not eternal that he became a champion, you go to the mat and grate him. The match starts, first the opponent gets points, then Javid gets points, the opponent’s coach protests, but after reviewing Javid wins the match. Javid wins the gold medal.

Javid’s friends rap and dedicate to him, Javid invites them to be with him at a party the next night, because Bahman has invited everyone with his family.

He took Tala, Javid and Ati to the furnished house and said that he hoped to install the banner of the world champion on the same house.

Javid Nam He knows in what language to thank. Gold goes and Javid and Ati are very happy and leave their mother’s place. Ati turns on the projection, a song from the wagon is played and Javid dances.

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The next day, Javid goes to the club with his headphones on, when Ace hits him from behind, throws him into the water, puts his foot on his hand, and says, “I’m crushing your fingers in such a way that you can not even play a double, what?” Reach the ship.

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