Yaghi Serial Part 9


Avalanche baited the gold to trap the acid sprayers.

Tala, seeing anything on the street, turns from one side to the other.

A bottle of mineral water in the hands of ordinary people.

The faces of Lot and Lot on the street. sound.

Yaghi Serial Part 9 Episode
Yaghi Serial Part 9 Episode

The engine and in short anything can evoke the story of acid attack for him.

Tala enters the street and waits for the acid splash.

Bahman, Rahman and their people are all keeping an eye on the situation.

There is a frightening atmosphere. The motorcyclist rides with gloves and comes to him.

Screams, stress, fear and anxiety surge.

We see an image of an avalanche that is opaque.

This low resolution image is the image of a man who rescues his wife Tala Matala from the bathtub.

Gold has taken refuge in alcohol and now the avalanche is killing him.

Tala speaks of Mitra. A girl whose face was burnt and her father comforted her.

Yaghi Serial Episode 9 - Bahman
Yaghi Serial Episode 9 – Bahman

This is the fear that has formed in the mind of gold since childhood.

Does the person who attacked know this story?

Yaghi Serial Episode 9
Yaghi Serial Episode 9

Bahman comforts him that now his face is healthy.

Gold is not in a good state of mind.

Bahman calls him lazy and lazy, but Tala says that he supports Bahman.

He complains to Bahman that why he left him like a victim in the middle of acid sprays and could not arrest him.

Bahman sings with his hands closed.

Gold wants you to go to someone who can if you can’t do it yourself.

Bahman went to Javed in the club and asked him to send his sister Atefe to Tala.

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An excuse is an education, and a state of mind is gold.

In Tala’s house, Atefeh watches Tala paint.

A painting full of black color.

Each of them tells the story of their life and becomes closer to each other.

They burn Bahman’s house at night. There are two people who give them ter

Yaghi Serial Episode 9 - Atefeh
Yaghi Serial Episode 9 – Atefeh


We see that Abbas and Essi have sent those two people there from the camp to take revenge.

In the meeting between Rahman and Bahman, it is suggested that they go to a person named Akbar Mojallal.

who was once their enemy and even shot Bahman’s foot is the only solution.
In order for Akbar to enter the story for their benefit, it is necessary to feel a common danger.

So Bahman sends people to scare Akbar Majalal’s wife with a similar method.

Throwing acid on his car and terrorizing him.

a woman We see that his hands are bloody.

There is a problem with his face.

He asks Atefe to come with him to the hospital to save the life of Javaid, whose son had an accident with him.

On the way, he knocks him unconscious with a handkerchief soaked in special substances.

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