Yali Capkini Series Episode 26 Recap

Gazecharan Mansion 26

At the house of Plain’s mother, he saw Siran Farid. He went out and Farid followed him to the street. Plein had a fight with his mother. When Farid returned home, an angry Farid went to his mother and said, “What are you planning to do with us?” Zarin told him that I told him what I wanted.

As Farid leaves Plein’s house, Plein falls for his mother’s life and then rests in her arms.

Zarin assures Plein to start his plan from Cyran’s family and take it to where they want.

Kazem’s family had a fight over iftar. Latif hears this from Afakat.

After Siran returned to the mansion, he had a heartache with Zarin, and then Farid came there and in his mother’s absence, he started arguing with Siran. Farid understood that the reason for Siran’s departure was that Zareen had called him.

بیشتر ببینید:

Farid says he is crazy and has dragged both of us there. Farid assures her that I love you. Siran is distrustful but says I still believe you unfortunately. Farid says that he wanted to talk to your mother and if I didn’t go to stop him, he would have said it by now.

In the middle of Hollis’ conversation, we find out that the grandfather of the person who is Sona’s suitor is the one who wanted Khadijah. Afakat knew that the two families were bad, but he did not know about the old relationship between Khadijah and Hollis.

On the other hand, Hollis understands that he is not at work. He calls him, why didn’t you ask permission from Sadiq? He talks to Siran. They make an excuse that they wanted to talk about sauna.

Farid implicitly tells Abedin that he doesn’t want Siran Damad.

Amidst the worries, Ramadan Iftar will be held with the presence of both Farid and Siran families. In the midst of Khadijah and Hollis’ worries, Afakat’s war has started at the wedding, and Sona, Kazem and Afakat are the middlemen of the story in silence. Asuman’s voice comes from the speed of the wedding. Kazem says that iron should be beaten hot. See, Siran and Farid got married and are very happy. Hollis says then you should ask Sona’s opinion. Abedin is standing in the corner of the room when they ask Sona, what do you think about marriage? Sona says whatever my dad says.

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