Yalniz kurt Series Episode 19 English Subtitles


Doan, who went to the beach to kill Ahmad, gives him his gun.

Ahmad shoots at Doan and throws him to the ground, leaving a wound on his forehead.

Dowan gets up and tells Ahmad: I wish you would kill me.

Ahmad tells him that he had no right to die and he will soon imprison him to be punished.

Ahmad tells Dowan to tell those who ordered his death that Ahmad He is a fighter and he can not be easily trapped, he himself has escaped from Ahmad with great difficulty.

Ahmad asks if they have no clue as to who’s work?

Anwar says either the system or the doan did it.

Bayazid is standing in his room when Mira walks up to him.

Bayazid asks Mira to investigate who raised Altai, as it is possible that Altai is also an orphan wolf.

Nizam and Dara, along with two members of the Nizam, set off on a road.

The Nizam asks why there was no news and a car was supposed to follow them.

Dara tells the regime that he came to his area and wanted to take his property, now he can kill him, because no one knows where he is. At the same time, Tekin and his men arrive and kill all the people there except the regime.

Tekin hits the system with a gun and anesthetizes him.

Some time later, Tekin is sitting on a chair in a warehouse and in front of him, Nezam is hanging from the hands on the ceiling.

Tekin leaves Anbar and tells his nephew, Aibars, that they are using psychological torture because physical torture has no effect on the system.

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Tekin goes into the warehouse and opens the system to fight with each other.

Tekin punches the system and asks who ordered the killing of his wife and children?

He calms him down and says that they are government agents and they have to hand over the system alive.

They lock the system in the car and the machines start.

Qiyas, who has been waiting for the opportunity all the time, attacks them and saves the system.

Doan returns home. Sarah, seeing the bullet in her forehead, asks him what happened.

Doan evades the answer.

Doan is sitting in the yard when Alta secretly enters the house and walks beside him. He kills patriotic people and asks Doan what is his job? Doan does not answer Altai and leaves him.

Altai goes to the forest hut and studies the case of Aaron Karajay in the basement of the hut.


Aaron is waiting on the dirt road. The car with the gun behind him is standing next to him.

Aaron picks up the car and sets off. Some time later, his documents are checked at the checkpoint. He is watching them, he comes to the officer and says that he is inspecting.

After giving a speech to his men on the road, Firat goes to see Aaron and takes the weapons from him. Kamel wants to.

At the same time, one of the commissioner’s friends comes to Aaron with a gun and arrests him and takes him to the interrogation room. The CIA agents come to Aaron’s aid and release him.

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The CIA agent gives Aaron a passport and says that he will meet someone soon and then he can even escape death.

Altai goes back to the present when he hears the phone ring. The old man is behind the line and offers his condolences and invites him to be patient. Altai, who is very angry, tells him that the vulture and his little grandson will not be alive until they can Killing someone else kills them all one by one.

At that moment, Ahmed came to the door of the hut.

Altai and Ahmed talk to each other outside the hut while having tea.

There is talk of a vulture dying and Altai says he doubts Douan. Ahmad says that it is not Doan’s job because he had a mission to kill him. Investigate and start at the Paolo Hotel, where the documents are missing.

Mira goes to see Bayazid and takes the case of Anwar, the person who found the body of the vulture and its members and was accompanied by Altai. Mira says that there is evidence that Altai was trained by Ahmad, but they are still not sure.
Bayazid wants to follow Mira and see that Doan has done his job properly.

Some time later, Mira brings Altai to Bayazid. Bayazid asks Altai why he met Anwar and how does he know him? Altai says that Anwar came after him and asked him to go to the crime scene and wanted to know if he was there. He knows who killed the vulture and his daughter and granddaughter.

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Bayazid tells Altai that he has to get away from there for a while and go somewhere else with Mira.

Altai agrees and he is supposed to go and pick up his belongings and go to the Paolo Hotel with Mirai.

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