Yalnız Kurt Series Episode 18 English Subtitles

Altai is waiting for Ahmed in the detention cell. Ahmad enters and says that it has been determined that the judge has committed suicide and he is released when the administrative process is over. Altai says that Bayazid must ask him if he was with him when the judge committed suicide. He does and asks what he wants to do. Altai says that he defines the matter differently and leaves the work to him.

Some time later, Altai is released and Mirai follows him in front of the police station.

Mirai and Altai go to Bayazid. When he sees Altai, he asks what he was doing there at the time of the judge’s death. Altai says that he killed the judge himself and used the judge’s weapon to kill him. What did he do with his finger? Altai says that he has destroyed all the works and as he knows some important things are not written in the file and he went to the judge under the pretext of an old case and finished his work so that he could gain his trust.

When Altai and Mirai are leaving the mansion, a man gets out of the car and enters the mansion. Altai asks Mirai who he is? Mirai says his name is Topal.

Topal goes to Bayazid and asks him who is the man who was with Mirai? Bayazid says that he is the boy who killed his parents.

Topal remembers that when he was a child Altai attacked him and injured his leg, he He lifted Altai off the ground and threw him in the valley. Topal says that he is the son of Yavuz Yildirim. He then asks Bayazid how he survived.

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Bayazid says that if Altai finds out that his parents’s killer is Topal, he will take revenge on him. Topal says that if he wants to take revenge on someone, it is his uncle. Topal and Bayazid decide Do not talk to Altai about this.

Topal asks you.

Aaron does not want to say either? Bayazid says no now but says later.

He goes on to talk about the judge’s death and Topal asks if he trusts Doaan who has entrusted him with killing Ahmad? Topal gets up and says that Aaron has left it to him to kill the vulture.

When Topal leaves the room, Bayazid says to say hello to Aaron.

Qiyas goes to the regime and announces the death of the judge. Then he says that the people are ready to move. The newly recruited regime and the armed men have set off. And follow them.

Duane sits in front of Sarah and watches the news of the judge’s death on TV. Sarah asks Duane what was his job? Duane says no. Sarah asks who the next person is? Sarah says under her breath that if there is nothing, then why is she anxious.

Safar comes to Doan in the car and gives him the information he wants. Safar says that Ahmed’s family has been police for several generations and he has two sons, one of whom is studying in the officer’s college and the other is a soldier. Divorced, he is a music teacher and has no private home of his own, either in the police headquarters or in a hotel owned by the Kardanizis, or he spends the night at the police station.

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Ahmed and his assistant go to see the vultures. The vultures tell them that the war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified and that they must be careful now that they have been exposed, as their lives are now in danger.

Altai goes to the hut and sits outside when the vulture calls him. Altai complains that he is tired of being alone. The vulture says he has to wait a while and knows everything he does. The vulture tells Altai to go underground and file Aaron goes to Karaja to study.

At that time, on the night that Aaron and his men were smuggling weapons, the police arrested them and took Aaron to the interrogation room. And they take Aaron. They take Aaron to the barn with their eyes closed. In the barn, the CIA agent waits for Aaron and tells him that they have been watching him for a long time and they know that he has good potential, because in a short time and at a young age. 

The CIA agent tells him about the past and that he had an Iranian mother and a noble father until he started the gun mafia for himself, and in the end the CIA agent shakes hands with Aaron and kisses his hand and kisses him. 

The CIA agent then tells Aaron that his first task is to kill a man and shows him a picture. Aaron sees the picture and says it is acceptable and takes a gun.

Sitting in the cafe, the chief inspector brings Davood, a young man, who introduces himself as Yavuz Yildirim, and says that he is a university student. They sit at the table together.

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Davood explains that Yavuz’s father was one of the first to betray Fatah Dahak After they talk in the cafe, Davood and Yavuz accompany the commissioner to the house.

When Farhad and Yavuz leave, Yavuz sees that the commissioner’s key has fallen to the floor of the car.

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