Yalnız Kurt Series Season 1 Episode 17 English Subtitles

Altai remembers Bayazid walking into the room, who was looking at him during the match.

Do you know him? Reshat says that this is the first time he has seen her.

Bayazid Yinshahri is sitting in his room looking at Altai’s childhood photos.

He calls Mira and tells her that he is one of those people who trust him. Mira thanks him and sits down on the sofa with his compliments. Bayazid tells Mira:

«Altai Kurt Aghlo is my nephew》

then asks him to prepare Altai to meet him.

Mira says that Altai is ready and he is supposed to bring Altai to his house.

Bayazid tells Mira Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Mira says he wants Altai.

The regime sits in the car next to the analogy and drives the analogy.

Who set fire to the money?

Qiyas says that all security measures were observed and the money belonged to him.

The regime starts beating Qiyas with a gun. Then, as he leaves, he says to himself: I do, I pull out every single one of your hairs Duane Sakinmaz》

Sarah enters the hall. Dooan standing by the fireplace asks her if she slept well?

Sarah says that Alla can not sleep alone and she must be by his side. And she is her aunt and is considered half mother.

Sarah says she wants to find a way to better tell the truth so that Ella will not be upset and goes to rest.

At the same time, zero enters and informs Doan that the system has been liberated.

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At the same time, the system calls and angrily tells Doan to go beyond his limits and wait for him to retaliate.

Doan says with a laugh that The world’s property is not worth that much.

Ahmad Hamshenli, the security director, waits behind the judge’s house and, when he leaves his house, asks him why he released the regime, when he is a judge who has always done justice.

The judge says the regime ransoms him He took pictures of him and his wife and threatened to spread the pictures all over the country if he did not release her.

Altai is sitting in the car and driving when he is contacted by a neighbor and defines the flow of freedom of the system.
Ala, along with her aunt and uncle, Doan and the teacher at the table, are having breakfast when Altai arrives and hands over his wallet to zero, saying that he brought it himself so that he will not be ashamed of what happened last night.
Altai tells Doaan that they have come to practice together.


Doaaan and Altai go to the yard while talking about the freedom of the regime. And the judge was forced to release the regime. Zero announces that Mira has come there.

Mira goes to Sarah, who is watching the practice of fighting between Doan and Altai, and says: 《There is a small child inside Doan, which is why he was able to get along so well with your daughter》

Mira goes to Doan and Altai who are practicing and asks Altai to accompany him and tells him that Doan should not know where they are going. Mira takes Altai to her boss.

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Altai is sitting in front of Bayazid. He first starts asking Altai questions about mathematics and then invites him to cooperate. Bayazid tells Altai: 《

Together we can open the doors of the country》

After Altai leaves, Bayazid has a meeting with his advisers and they talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine, how much they can sell to the Middle East, but there is a serious obstacle and it is Turkey that can end this war and in a few The next day, talks are set to take place informally to talk about ending the war.

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