Yargı Continues to Top the Charts


Kanal D’s hit legal drama Yargı, produced by Ay Yapım, once again glued viewers to the screen with its 73rd episode aired last night. The show garnered a 7.50 rating and 19.94% share on Ab, making it the most watched show of the day in the 20+ABC1 demographic with a 7.40 rating and 17.79% share.

The episode finale which saw Ceylin and Mercan held hostage at Tilmen Law Firm by the ambulance driver together with Yekta left audiences full of suspense, while the show trended all night on social media with thousands of messages under the hashtags #Offspring, #Yargı, #Ceylin, and #Yekta.

Ceylin was shocked to learn from Tülin that Yekta had told her, her baby died. Suddenly, Tülin suffered breathlessness.

The ambulance arriving took Tülin to the hospital. Meanwhile, Osman found Can’s lifeless body buried in his garden and panicked, pretending a barbecue plan with Çınar so the family wouldn’t understand. Due to the ambulance lacking the necessary medication, Tülin passed away at the hospital.

Confronting Yekta, Ceylin learned he had given her aunt the baby for his own gain and she had given it to someone else, driving her mad. With everyone gone, Kadir’s men filmed Yekta and Osman unearrying Can’s body.

Eagerly awaiting Mercan to call her mother, Ceylin was upset when she called her “Ceylin.” Suspicious of the ambulance driver being the same for Tülin, the actress who shot herself on set, and the person who died in a motorcycle accident, the police obtained his phone. Ceylin called him to Tilmen Law Firm to talk. Realizing he was the killer when the driver Okan came to meet Ceylin, Ilgaz called Yekta when he couldn’t reach her. When Yekta arrived and handed his phone to Ceylin, Okan pulled out his gun and took them hostage.

Yargı Continues to Top the Charts

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