Yargi Series Episode 31 English Subtitles


With the withdrawal of Ilgaz in the Judgment series of episode 31, we see that Jilin is caught at a crossroads.

Pars on one side and Jilin’s sister on the other try to bring them back together.

The second heartbreaking promotion of the new episode of Judgment series has been released. In the promo, reactions to the decision to divorce Ilgaz and Jilin are revealed, increasing the tension between Ilgaz and Yekta.

Ilgaz and Jilin, who decided to divorce in the teaser of the new episode of Judgment, while everyone makes their decision official, everyone is shocked to hear the news. Eileen questions Jillian’s decision and Erin questions Ilgaz’s decision. “Can I hug you for the last time?” Says Jilin. It creates emotional moments, but Ilgaz’s sharp warning to Yekta indicates a gradual increase in tension between the two.

Episode 31 of Judgment will be broadcast on Sunday, May 7, at 8:00 PM local time on Channel D. Watch the teaser of Episode 31 from this link.

Ilgaz wants to say goodbye to his memories. Earn does not leave.

Jeylin’s mother also helps.

Yekta Tilman will face Ilgaz to defend Chenar.

The news is like a bomb: they are having a baby girl.

Due to the Eid al-Fitr holiday in Turkey, episode 31 of the series Judgment or Yargi will be broadcast on Sunday, May 7, 2022.

In this episode, Jeylin is still involved in her relationship with Ilgaz.

Ilgaz has left him and now we will review the story from Ilgaz’s point of view.

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Yekta Tillman is Jeylin’s secret.

It has not been revealed yet, but now Ilgaz, as a prosecutor who has dropped out of the case and has access to information, is trying to complete the puzzle independently by putting the pieces together.

Chenar and his role in the murder may be diminished, but his father, Commissar Matin, makes a bigger mistake.

If Chenar was seeking legitimate defense, Commander Matin would have committed a greater crime.

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