Yüz Yıllık Mucize English Subtitles : Cast, Actors, Subject & ….

One hundred year miracle series details:

Ali Tahir: A warrior man who was martyred once in Atatürk’s struggle. After that, he regained consciousness and is now 130 years old. A hundred years have passed since that event and now he is facing two problems: he won’t die and he can’t have a deep sleep.

He has letters from the past and that important night that he must deliver to his audience.

Suraya Hanim: Her aunt is Harika’s daughter. She had a relationship with Ali Taher in the past. He takes care of several daughters and his mother. He was in a relationship with Ali Taher when he chose the nickname Ashraf for himself.

Harika: He has a fiance. He is going to get married soon, but he is not sure about his marriage. In the meantime, in a world parallel to her marriage, she met Ali Taher on an island when she was looking for a subject to write a novel and accidentally spent some time with him away from the eyes of others. He is Soraya Khanum’s nephew. He is in love with Ali Taher, who, of course, has a history with Soraya in his previous life.

Muzayyan Sultan (grandmother): He has a little Alzheimer’s and speaks recklessly. He teases Mojde Khanam. He believes that this marriage will not start.

Sajedeh: Soraya’s sister (servant). his sympathizer With a more traditional spirit.

Aysel: One of the sisters. It usually doesn’t work, but he plans to start something new.

Zeren: One of the girls in the house

Mirai: One of the girls in the house

Turgut: He is the son of one of Ali Taher’s comrades in war. Later, he is in a relationship with Ali Taher, who is now at the same age, and has developed an immense devotion to him. He is a close friend who is the only person trusted by Ali Taher. It is his secret. And he is considered a kind of businessman.

Majde Hanim: She is Jem’s mother. He has a teasing spirit and of course he hears teasing from Soraya’s mother.

Cem: He is Harika’s fiancé. Unaware of the whole world, eager for the upcoming wedding.

If a fateful meeting happens, it will happen sooner or later.

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